Counseling Services

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Serra Center provides counseling and behavioral health services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

People living with developmental disabilities require counseling and clinical services that are uniquely designed to this population’s special needs. Our services are designed to help support individuals with:

  • personal goals and growth
  • positive decision making
  • strengthening social skills and relationships
  • identifying choices
  • promoting independence

Serra Center’s counseling services programming is aimed to improve client outcomes by:

  • helping those living with various forms of mental health issues to better understand their condition so they and their caregivers may more effectively manage symptoms
  • assisting individuals with accessing and monitoring medications and potential alternative treatments
  • navigating the complex health system; and providing resources for families who have a loved one struggling with mental health issues
  • providing community training to therapists so that they feel competent to interact effectively with people living with a developmental disability (or with dual-diagnosis)
  • developing a self-sustaining network of mental health resources to serve our community into the future

Individual Therapy * Family Therapy * Couples Therapy * Parenting Support * Groups

Serra Center would like to acknowledge CARH (Care Advancement Respect Hope) for their generous donation to start the Counseling Services program. We are pleased to continue the work and legacy of Leo and Barbara Guidotti whose overall goal was to provide social programs for individuals with intellectual disabilities.