Independent and Supported Living Services

Serra Center provides Independent Living Services (ILS) and Supported Living Services (SLS) to more than 65 adult men and women living with developmental disabilities. These individuals live in traditional and accessible homes and apartments of their choice, located throughout Southern Alameda County. While both are community based programs, they differ in the frequency and level of training and support provided.

Independent Living Services provides up to 40 hours per month of daily living skills training and support with the objective centering on the individual leading the most self-managed life possible in the least restrictive environment. The number of training hours and the areas of training are determined based on an individual’s assessed living skills need and personal choice. It is expected that over time, an individual’s need for services may decrease, at which time on-going support is provided at a lesser frequency. Supported Living Services are provided for as long and as often as needed and provide for more flexibility for services to be set-up around the individual’s needs, regardless of level of disability. Some examples of ILS and Supported Living Services training areas are: household maintenance, personal safety, money management, comparison shopping, nutrition and cooking.

Independent and Supported Living Services work with each individual to establish and maintain maximum control over the services they receive, within a safe and stable environment of their choice. The individual being served takes part in the interviewing and selection process of their Instructors. All program participants are active and productive members of society through the vocational, educational or volunteer placement of their choice. Serra Center maintains a 24 hour emergency assistance system which all program participants are trained to access in the event a special need arises.

Serra Center’s ILS and Supported Living Services is a vendor of the Regional Center of the East Bay. Regional Center clients are eligible for participation in our ILS and Supported Living services with funding provided by the regional center. We also accept private pay clients.

Learning cooking skills

Learning financial skills

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